Stampede Plumbing water heater repair in Phoenix AZ

Water Heater Replacement & Repair

A Stampede Plumbing Phoenix plumber performs a hot water heater replacement.No one likes a cold shower! Thankfully, water heaters prevent that from happening, but like any household appliance, hot water heaters wear out and inevitably need to be repaired or replaced. The average life of a hot water tank is 8-10 years, depending on water quality and demand.


Why Would My Water Heater Need Repair?

Hot water heaters go to work any time a bath or shower is taken, or whenever the dishwasher or washing machine is running. The most common thing that slows down hot water heaters is sediment build up. Unless you have a water softner in your home, minerals like calcium and magnesium build up along the inside of the tank and begin to affect its performance. These minerals react with the steel of the heater tank and the tank begins to corrode. As the tank corrodes the heating element is forced to work harder, and eventually becomes faulty.


Signs Your Water Heater Needs Attention

Water heaters should always be serviced by a licensed professional, but there are several easy signs you can look for to see if its time to schedule an inspection:

    • If your water heater is around 10 years old
    • No hot water, or a shortage of hot water in your home
    • Water doesn’t get as hot as it used to
    • Smelly water
    • Puddles near the heater
    • Low water pressure
    • Makes noises, hisses or rumbles


Do I Need A Water Heater Replacement Or Repair?

There are several factors to consider when faced with the decision of water heater replacement or repair: age, condition, and budget. If your heater is nearing the end of its 10 year life span, we would recommend a water heater replacement. If your unit is only a few years old, a repair can quickly solve your problem and extend the life of your tank.


When it's time for a water heater replacement, you can consider installing a tankless water heater.Options For Hot Water Heater Replacement

Conventional hot water heaters are still the most common water heater option. These tanks can range in size from 20 – 100 gallons. These units continuously store heated water until the water is needed.

Tankless units heat water on demand, offering an endless supply of hot water. These heaters are more energy efficient and have lower operating costs, and also save space as they have no large tank. You can read more about the benefits of a tankless water heater!


Think a water heater replacement or repair is in your future? Contact the Phoenix plumber professionals at Stampede Plumbing today!