A P Trap pipe can be found underneath sinks, and are vital to your home plumbing.

06 Jun What is a P Trap?

What is a P Trap? You've probably noticed curved shape pipes, also known as a P Trap, connected to each sink and open drain in your home and have thought nothing of it. However, as it turns out, these U shaped pipes actually serve an important...

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A Stampede Plumbing professional explains how a water softener works to remove minerals from your home's water.

23 May How Does A Water Softener Work?

How Does A Water Softener Work? Hard water is a reality that many of us live with in our homes. Hard water leaves dishes splotchy and quickly wears away the softness of clothes. Is there a way to get rid of these irritating splotches and soften...

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Check out this home plumbing maintenance to do list from Stampede Phoenix plumbers!

09 May An Annual Home Plumbing Maintenance To-Do List

An Annual Home Plumbing Maintenance To-Do List Spring has sprung and its time to clean! The yard and garage, are all ready for a refresh, but what about your plumbing? Keeping up with home plumbing maintenance is important to avoid costly and inconvenient malfunctions and plumbing...

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11 Apr Easy Ideas for Smelly Drain Cleaning

Easy Ideas for Smelly Drain Cleaning You may think you only need to call a plumber to unclog a drain or fix a leaking pipe. Did you know that your plumber can help you with smelly drain cleaning, too? Yikes, right? We've all been there. Of course,...

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Water heater installers save you time and money!

21 Mar Should I Hire Professional Water Heater Installers?

Should I Hire Professional Water Heater Installers? When it comes to installing a heating unit, the process may look simple. However, there have been many changes in designs and regulations over the years. Hiring professional water heater installers is a must when you find yourself needing...

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07 Mar The Most Common Home Plumbing Repairs

The Most Common Home Plumbing Repairs   Home plumbing repairs affect most of us from time to time. Even new plumbing installed by premiere builders can develop problems or become worn. Below are some of the most common plumbing issues that merit the evaluation of an experienced...

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16 Feb Why You Should Hire a Licensed Plumber

Whether your plumbing system has a minor leak or a major issue, it should be fixed as soon as possible. Trying to correct the problem yourself could be expensive if something goes wrong. Selecting the plumbing company could also pose challenges. The first question you...

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14 Jan Low Water Pressure Problems

A low water pressure problem in your plumbing system reaches a tipping point when it affects your ability to accomplish daily activities, including the ability to take a shower, launder clothes and wash dishes. Many homeowners have experienced the frustration of a low water pressure...

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20 Dec What Causes a Running Toilet?

One of the worst sounds that you could hear in your home is a running toilet. Whether it’s a leak or a clog, there could be several toilet problems that you might want to have checked by a professional, such as Stampede Plumbing. There are...

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