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Sink Replacement

Whether it’s the bathroom or the kitchen, sinks are a huge functional component of each of these rooms and its important to have sinks that accommodate your needs.



Sink Replacement

Contact Stampede Phoenix plumbers for all of your sink replacement needs!When it comes to sink replacement, there are many factors that can drive you to select a different sink. Perhaps your original bathroom sink isn’t quite matching the new colors you’ve selected for your walls, or maybe the kitchen sink is too shallow to handle the size of your pots and pans.

A few things to consider when deciding on a sink replacement include:


  • Sink Depth: There is a limit to how deep your new sink basin can be. You have to take into consideration where the trap curves, or your sink could end up causing drain problems. Remember to measure the pipe fitting between the drain trap and the drain basket, this will help you decide how deep your sink replacement can be.


  • Fixtures: Make sure that your new sink selection has the proper number of holes cut into it to accommodate all of your fixtures. Think faucets, handles, spray attachments, and soap dispensers.


  • Drain Assembly: A lot of people try and save money and only replace the sink basin or faucet and don’t consider the drain assembly. Replacing the old piping and drain assembly can save you time and money in the long run, as you install the rest of the new hardware.


Regardless of what’s made you decide it’s time for a sink replacement, its important that a professional handles the new sink installation. Though there are a lot of DIY guides out there, but an incorrect sink selection or a misstep during installation can lead to leaks and water damage in your home.



Sink Repair

A Stampede Phoenix plumber finishes a sink replacement.If your sink isn’t needing complete replacement, perhaps a sink repair is in order. A clogged drain or garbage disposal issue could lead to frustrations. Leaks beneath the sink could mean new pipes or seals are in order.



No matter the sink need, contact the professional Phoenix plumbers at Stampede Plumbing today!