A complete bathtub installation from Stampede Plumbing Chandler.

Shower & Bathtub Installation

The bathroom is a crucial room in your home and its important that its functional and comfortable. Whether you’re planning a bathroom refresh and are looking to replace old fixtures, or you’re planning to redo the entire space, Stampede Plumbing can provide assistance from start to finish.


Trust your bathtub installation needs to Stampede plumbers Phoenix!Bathtub Installation Options

Whether you’re looking to update an old tub or install something a little more luxurious, sometimes a bathtub replacement is necessary. A plumbing inspection can help our Phoenix plumber professionals better access the extent that a bathtub replacement or repair may be needed. We commonly work with the following kinds of bathtub installation:

      • Recessed tubs – Most common tub type
      • Corner tubs – Shaped to accommodate a corner space
      • Platform tubs – A recessed tub enclosed in wood or tile
      • Freestanding Tubs – Tubs that are not set into a wall or fixture, think old fashioned claw feet
      • Whirlpool Tubs – Tubs that include jet features


Bathtub Installation Services

Whether your new bathtub installation is quick to install or a completely custom job, Stampede plumbers are qualified to perform all necessary work:

        • Updated tub hardware installation
        • Tub faucet repair or installation
        • Tub drain repair or installation
        • Custom plumbing needs


Trust your shower installation needs to Stampede plumbers Phoenix!Shower Installation Options

Though showers have a few less options than tubs, Stampede offers services to accommodate all of your shower installation needs. We work with:

          • Prefabricated stalls – Pieces designed to be fit together in a certain size or space
          • Custom stalls – Your own design can make the best use of your bathroom space


Shower Installation Services

Whether your new shower is a completely custom job or a quick install, our Phoenix plumbers can offer solutions to all of your shower installation problems:

            • Shower pan installation
            • Shower head installation
            • Shower faucet and hardware installation or repair
            • Custom plumbing needs


Whether your custom design requires custom work or you simply need assistance updating some bathroom appliances, contact your local Stampede Phoenix plumber!