Plumbing Tips

20 Aug DIY Plumbing Mistakes

Avoid some nasty DIY plumbing mistakes in your home with help from Stampede Plumbing. Remember, plumbing systems are delicate and need to be handled with care to keep them running in tip-top shape. Help keep your home safe with some easy ways to stop DIY...

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Dripping faucets can cost you thousands if not addressed.

10 Aug Plumbing Nightmares

Plumbing Nightmares If owning a home has become synonymous with the American dream, plumbing problems are the nightmare that goes hand-in-hand with it.  It’s scary knowing that your home’s invisible architecture could turn on you at any minute.  To ease the fear, we share with you...

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Protect your home with Stampede plumbing services.

30 Jul What To Do If You Have A Slab Leak

Along with sunburn and mosquitoes, a slab leak is the great nuisance of summertime.  Time-consuming and often costly to fix, they can be a headache for any homeowner.  Here are four primary conditions that cause a leaky slab and how to avoid them. Soil chemicals...

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27 Jun Finding the Best Plumber Near You

For most homeowners, trying to find a good plumber can be boiled down to two issues—quality and location—that are often expressed in four simple words: “Best plumber near me.” Locating a plumber is almost always an urgent matter that doesn’t allow for extensive comparison shopping—an...

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14 Jun Have You Ever Thought About A Toilet Upgrade?

In a world that values technology which improves everyone's quality of life, most people probably don’t think of a toilet upgrade as an advancement for the human race. You might think differently if you had to leave the comfort of your home and run to...

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17 May Evaluating Tankless Water Heaters

Is a Tankless Water Heater Right for You? Hot water represents convenience, relaxation and all too often heated family conflict when you run out. When it comes to energy use, the financial resources devoted to heating your water are second only to the cost of heating...

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20 Mar 5 Home Plumbing Myths That Are Costing You Money

Are you a homeowner who needs to learn about maintaining your plumbing system? If so, it’s important that you learn how to do so effectively without trying practices that may damage your system or your pipes. Here are five myths about home plumbing you’ll want...

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11 Jan Signs of Water Heater Failure

Most people don’t know when their water heater is about to fail. But you can avoid the disruption and damage of a water heater failure by watching for several signs. Here are four indicators that your unit may be on its last legs: Older water heater In general,...

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