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08 Mar Top 5 Plumbing Emergencies – Infographic

In times of plumbing emergencies, you need an emergency plumber, and you need to know who to call. Stampede Plumbing's team of plumbers are available and ready to help. Here are five plumbing emergencies that you should know about and be prepared for! Flooding If the plumbing...

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18 Feb Home Plumbing Maintenance To-Do List

Plumbing Maintenance To-Do List Spring is around the corner and it’s almost time to clean! The yard and garage, are all ready for a refresh, but what about your plumbing? Keeping up with home plumbing maintenance is important to avoid costly and inconvenient malfunctions and plumbing...

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25 Jan Low Water Pressure In The House

Low Water Pressure A homeowner should be able to run their washing machine and wash their dishes at the same time. If there are any issues with this, it is a sign that there is low water pressure in the house. When water pressure is low,...

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Stampede Plumbing Chandler shows you a Clogged toilet fix

11 Dec How To Avoid And Fix A Clogged Toilet?

How To Avoid And Fix A Clogged Toilet? Few plumbing issues prove more bothersome to a residence or business than a clogged toilet. Such issues inhibit the ability to rid the structure of waste. Furthermore, if not properly addressed, such circumstances could further strain piping or...

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Stampede Plumbing Chandler shows how to clean garbage disposal

16 Nov How To Clean Your Garbage Disposal

How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal A garbage disposal is a vital element for any operational kitchen. Its primary function is cutting food stuck on the sink drain into smaller pieces that could fit into the drainage pipes. Normally, garbage disposals are designed to be self-cleaning,...

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A graphic of plumbing tips to get ready for the fall

16 Oct Plumbing Tips For The Fall

3 Plumbing Tips For The Fall To Improve Your Home Many people do not know the right time to prepare for winter. They wait until the last minute to repair the plumbing issues in their houses. However, this is dangerous because their homes might develop several...

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Stampede Plumbing Chandler describes why your water smells like rotten eggs

16 Sep Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs? 

Why Does My Water Smell Funny? Pure water has no smell, taste, or color. If a homeowner finds that their water smells like rotten eggs, it means a substance near the water is present in such high concentrations that a human can detect an odor. Contamination...

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Stampede Plumbing Chandler describes why you need plumbing maintenance.

19 Aug Do You Need Regular Plumbing Maintenance?

Plumbing System Maintenance Primarily, the plumbing system is a vital part of your home, and you stand to lose a lot of it gets ruined even for one day. Ideally, if you don't maintain your plumbing system, it will undoubtedly malfunction at some point. Proper and...

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Stampede Plumbing Chandler shows a photo of a kitchen sink clogged.

21 Jul Why Is My Kitchen Sink Clogged?

Kitchen Sink Clogged? A kitchen sink clog is one of the most common plumbing issues. The good news is that if you have a kitchen sink clogged, it could be clogged by a number of things. The following is a list of things that can potentially...

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Stampede Plumbing Chandler tells you all about the electric tankless water heater.

17 Jun Is An Electric Tankless Water Heater Right For You?

Why the Electric Tankless Water Heater is Suitable for You Tankless water heating systems are becoming more popular with many households. This is due to the general fact of their energy-efficiency- the electric tankless water heater stands out as the better option for smaller homes. The...

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