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Larry Gaydos endorses Stampede Plumbing Phoenix!Larry Gaydos, as heard on KTAR Gaydos, the number one talk show in the Valley, has endorsed Stampede Plumbing form any years. Gaydos loves Stampede because we always take care of him and all of his plumbing needs. We get the job done right the first time and go above and beyond for our customers, ensuring they have a great experience. We stand by our motto, Help! It’s what we do!


We are honored to be recommended by the Valley’s best, Larry Gaydos!

Stampede Plumbing Chandler offering a toilet repair discount.

Check out these exclusive plumbing tips for KTAR listeners.


  • Shut Off Water: As obvious as this seems, don’t forget to shut off your water during any plumbing emergency or before any plumbing work is done. This step is often forgotten!
  • Freezing Pipes: Protect your pipes as you would protect your plants. Cover the outside faucets with foam to insulate them against the cold.
  • Wrenches: The most powerful set of tools you have in your arsenal to tackle any plumbing problems are wrenches, either pipe wrenches or adjustable wrenches.
KTAR is an exclusive promotional partner of Stampede Plumbing Phoenix plumbers.
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