Can an Old Water Heater Cause Low Water Pressure?

Learn from Stampede Plumbing about the causes of your home's low water pressure.

11 Jul Can an Old Water Heater Cause Low Water Pressure?

Can an Old Water Heater Cause Low Water Pressure?

It is a frustrating thing when the water pressure becomes low. If the water pressure is a bit low, it can be quite a hassle to determine what is the cause of the low water pressure and how it can be fixed. One thing to consider when the water pressure starts getting low is the water heater. In fact, an old water heater can be the source of the problem. Along with other issues with the water heater. In this article, there are several reasons why a water heater can be the cause of a lack of pressure such as having an older model.

A Closed Shut Off Valve

A closed shut off valve can be the cause of your low water pressure.One of the reasons why water pressure might lower can be caused by a water heater’s shut off valve. This is one of the most common causes or low water pressure when it comes to hot water. The shut-off valve is a valve that is used to help in the case of any emergencies. However, when the valve is shut off or partially shut off, it can cause a decrease in the pressure of the hot water. Often, this decrease is significant.

The Hot Water Supply

Many older houses are equipped with the hot water unit in the roof. The hot water is then fed through the outlets through gravity. However, the gravity fed systems have a lower flow rate and little pressure than other methods like mains pressure supplies. The best way to fix this is by having a new central pressure system installed by a professional. This will provide an excellent solution to the minuscule pressure. The plumbers will install the new system that can be used with the gravity fed older system as well.

Mineral Buildups

Mineral build ups can be a cause of low water pressure in your home. Learn more with Stampede Plumbing.Another reason why a home may experience low water pressure is due to mineral buildup, sediments, or rust that will collect within the pipes, the outlets, and the tanks. When this happens, the water lines from the heater to the outlets will become blocked or narrow, causing the water to decrease its flow. In the end, the blocked pipes can cause a lack of water pressure. To fix the issue, plumper will check all of the pipes, tanks, and connections before rinsing out the tank. The plumber might also have to change the pipes to keep the sediments cleaned out and to avoid lower pressure.

The Age of the Unit

On top of all the other issues with the water heater that can cause low water pressure problems, the age of the unit can also be an issue, especially when the age is old enough to cause these other problems. An older water heater can have buildups of lime and other sediments, but they can also have piping that is inefficient at providing a strong stream of hot water to the outlets in the home. As mentioned before, the location of the unit, as well as the age, can be an issue, especially if the home has been updated or renovated and is no longer compatible with the gravity fed supply unit. The only way to solve this issue is to update the unit, change the piping, or have the unit cleaned by a professional.


Consider getting an electric water heater to combat low water pressure in your home.Many things can be the cause of the low water pressure. The most common issue is the age of the unit itself. If it is an older model, this can affect the pressure. In addition to that, it can also be due to the location of the unit. If you are having this issue happening to you or have an older unit, a professional Benjamin Franklin plumber can be sent to look at the unit, clean it, or fix anything that might be amiss.