Easy Ideas for Smelly Drain Cleaning

11 Apr Easy Ideas for Smelly Drain Cleaning

Easy Ideas for Smelly Drain Cleaning

You may think you only need to call a plumber to unclog a drain or fix a leaking pipe. Did you know that your plumber can help you with smelly drain cleaning, too? Yikes, right? We’ve all been there.A Phoenix kitchen receives the Stampede Plumbing Phoenix smelly drain cleaning service.

Of course, when you run smelly foods like eggs and onions, your garbage disposal will have an unpleasant odor at first. However, this smell should dissipate quickly. If you return to the kitchen in an hour and your garbage disposal still smells like, well, garbage, that’s when you have a real problem.

Everyone here at Stampede Plumbing knows your pain. We fix drains every day that need a thorough cleaning. Clogged drains can happen to anyone, and we’ve seen it all. We call this our Smelly Drain Cleaning service. We know that stinky drains are no laughing matter.

In most homes, the kitchen is one of the most utilized rooms. Your family gathers and eats meals there, you may do crafts or work at the table, and if you have kids, they probably do their homework there. So, that stench causes a real problem for everyone because suddenly, the center of the home reeks.

A Stampede plumber finishes a smelly drain cleaning service call in Phoenix.As far as residential plumbing needs go, Smelly Drain Cleaning costs little, requires little time when conducted by a trained professional and won’t leave behind a mess. Most clogged drains and stinky situations merely need us to remove the S-bend and professionally clean it and the sink pipes. Inside the kitchen sink, food residue builds up over time in the interior of your pipes. Inside the garbage disposal, various bits of leftovers merge to create terrible smells. Inside the bathroom sink, hair, hair care products, soap scum and bits of broken makeup form stenches when they cling to the interior of the pipes. If it smells like sewage, that indicates a sewer gas build up. To fix the problem, call a professional to eliminate the smelly drain at the source.

Having a certified and trained plumber check your clogged drain can save you money. A smelly drain means bits of debris begun collecting in your drain. The smell is a warning that your pipes have clogs developing. If you call to have the stinky drains addressed, we clean out the pipes before the situation escalates and you wind up with a flood, or worse.

For a timely fix, you can depend on, call Stampede plumbers! Our punctual plumbers will fix your sink correctly and quickly. We provide staff you can readily welcome into your home because all of our plumbers are professional, courteous, and ethical.

Deodorizing Between Maintenance CallsCheck out these easy smelly drain cleaning tips to keep your sinks fresh between plumbing maintenance calls!

After we service your sink, you can keep it smelling fresh and clean with a few easy tricks with no harmful chemicals and even no Febreeze involved. These all natural methods provide safe ways of minimizing odors.

  • Boil two quarts of water. Pour it down the sink. Follow with two cups of boiled vinegar. Rinse with cold water. Follow with two more cups of vinegar.
  • Run hot water down the drain. Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain. Follow with two cups of boiled vinegar. Wait half an hour. Run hot water down the drain.
    Dump a tray’s worth of ice cubes into the garbage disposal and run it until they disperse. You’ll simultaneously scour, slightly sharpen and clean the disposal blades. The bonus is the ice scrapes grease build up off of the disposal.
  • Another way to help ensure an odorless disposal is to slice a lemon, then grind it up in the disposal. Citrus contains natural cleaning agents, plus it smells great. You can use an orange instead if you prefer that scent.

Adding any of the above deodorizing techniques to your weekly sink and disposal cleaning routine will reduce awful smells in between our residential plumbing maintenance visits.

Despite these deodorizing methods, eventually, another stink could happen. Give us a call; we’ll address the problem with our Smelly Drain Cleaning Service. Your bathroom or kitchen will smell great again, and we’ll help you prevent clogs as well as future damage!