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Drain Cleaning Services

Before you flush, drain or dispose of any item down your sink you should consider your pipes. Whether you are flushing something away or putting it down the garbage disposal, it has the ability to clog the pipe that is going down. This can lead to costly problems like clogged drains and water backups.


Whenever you are experiencing a pipe or draining issue, be sure to call Stampede Plumbing for all of your drain cleaning services. Did you know that your home’s plumbing is one of the most complex systems that keeps your home functioning? That’s why it’s so important that all your pipes are working correctly, sometimes that even means drainage services! You should never forget to have your drain cleaning services done by a professional. They have the proper tools and procedures to use  whenever you are in need of a drain cleaning.


Why the Pipes Might Not Drain?


There are several reasons why your drain might be slow. The drain lines may be full of unwanted materials, whether you flush unwanted things down the toilet or your bathroom drain is filled with loose hair. The kitchen drain is also a major cause of drain clogs, especially if you pour grease or other food items down the drain. In many extreme cases, roots from trees can grow around your pipes causing an unnatural flow and may even breach the pipes. All of these issues can end up causing severe drain and sewer issues that will need a professional drain cleaning service. If these issues are happening to you, be sure to call a plumber and have them assess the situation.


If you are currently experiencing any draining issues be sure to call the Stampede Plumbing Phoenix plumbers for all your drain cleaning services needs!